Today we want to introduce to you the #AgoraFacts , these are little facts that happened to the Planning Team while planning the event or related to last year’s Agora! #AgoraFact1  

Invitation letters sent out!

Today the invitation letters for the 2018 Agora have been sent to the International Comissioners. In this letters you can find all the information about the event regarding: dates, places, fee, general theme… This European Agora will take place in Dublin, at Larch Hill International Scout Centre if you want to check it out and […]

Planning Team Meeting!!

This weekend the Planning Team of the Agora 2018 met in Larch Hill, Dublin to discuss the programme and logistics for the next Agora, which will take place in from the 11 to 15 of April, 2018. Keep posted for more information. Updates will arrive soon!  

Logistics information & weather

In less than a week we will be all together in Delft! Aren’t you excited? Here you can see some information that can be helpful to you! First of all we’d like to remid you that it is spring and in most parts of Europe, spring is hot and sunny, but we’re going to the […]

More news!

We’re happy to announce that the programme is already uploaded on the page, you can take a look at it here. There’s less than a month left to start the adventure and we’re so excited! If you haven’t had time to watch the videos about the Venue and the Planning Team, you can check out […]

First registrations are arriving…

After the distribution of the Invitation Letter in early January, the first registrations for this year’s Agora are starting to arrive. We are happy to announce that the first country to register has been…

Invitation Letter sent out!!

The invitation letter for the 10th European Scout Agora is officially sent out to all the International Commissioners of our Region. From today until the 28 of February, the registration process is open. Remember that your participation needs to be endorsed by your association, through the International Commissioner. We hope to see you in Delft…