Logistics information & weather

In less than a week we will be all together in Delft! Aren’t you excited?

Here you can see some information that can be helpful to you!

First of all we’d like to remid you that it is spring and in most parts of Europe, spring is hot and sunny, but we’re going to the Netherlands and this means a different weather, so here we have the weather forecast for the five days we’ll be spending in Delft! This information can be useful at the time to pack your bags and decide what to bring!


If you haven’t still cheked out how to get to the venue, here’s the link to a very useful website that gives you all the information on how to get from the airport to the venue! You just have to select the date, the time and the destination and it generates different ways to travel arounf the Natherlands in public transport so it’s easier for you to get there!


( http://9292.nl/en )


We’re so happy and waiting to meet all of you! See you in the future!