Frequently Asked Questions


Who organises Agora?
The Agora is organised by the European Region of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement.

The Planning Team, composed of Rovers, develops the programme and runs most of the sessions, helped by a coach from the volunteers of the Region and supported by a Staff member of the Europe Support Centre.

Who should participate?
Rovers from any recognised NSA/NSO of the European Region are welcome to register at the Agora. People attending the Agora must know about how Rover Programme is implemented in their country and can communicate in English, as this will be the language used at the event.


What if I can’t register (the online registration doesn’t work)?
Please contact us.

Is there a maximum limit of registrations per country?
You can register a maximum of 4 rovers of your NSO/NSA. According to availability and demand, some exceptions to this rule can be made on a one-to-one basis.

Who approves my registration?
Your registration should be approved by the International Commissioner of your National Scout Association / National Scout Organisation

Can I register for a few days only?
To get the most out of the Agora you should attend the whole programme, but if you are not able to be present for the whole event, please contact us to discuss possibilities.


This section will be updated shortly

About the FEES

What is included in the fee?
Accommodation in a dormitory, all meals, sessions including session materials, and a very interesting social programme. So almost everything apart from your travels to and from the venue.

The fee for this year’s Agora is 100 EUR. An up to 200 EUR travel support fee is available for eligible participants under the conditions of ERASMUS+.