Luís Garcia

Hello! My name is Luís Garcia, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Portugal. Currently, I’m doing my third year of my bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Porto.
I joined Corpo Nacional de Escutas – Escutismo Católico Português (CNE) when I was 11 years old. After I’ve became a Rover, I started to get more aware of the global Scout Movement and all the different NSO’s and NSA’s that complement it. I also started to be more proactive member in my local group and on a regional level as well. That took me to a national level where I’m currently working on projects where Youth Empowerment and Social Impact are the main focus as well.
I really want to meet you and get to know you at this years Agora. Don’t waste the opportunity and apply now!

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