Berta Mendoza

Hey, my name is Berta Mendoza and I’m from Catalonia! I’m 20 and so ready for this year’s Agora and I hope you are too! I am studying Advertising and Public Relations so don’t worry about interacting with me, I’m very open and easy-going! I enjoy Scouting and most of my life is dedicated to it, I’m a Venture leader and I always have a good time hanging around a campfire or playing games of all kind! Beware, I’m fearce! I’ve assisted to YESS and last year’s Agora and also Roverway and I’m very interested in scouting at an European level so I think that Agora is a very nice event to discover things that I’ve never imagined happened in scouting around the continent. My superpowers include talking like crazy, napping and eating nonstop! I hope we have a great time at Agora and I empower you to come and enjoy the event!

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